Love is… House Of Cards: Nine things to tell your Valentine according to Frank Underwood and co

House of Cards season 2

Today is the day House Of Cards and love combine. Yes, the people at Netflix released all of season two on Valentine’s Day. But wait, there may be some logic behind this, right?

There’s actually quite a lot about love in the White House drama.

Here’s the top nine romantic quotes from House of Cards season one uttered by the devious Frank Underwood and company.

At the very least they’ll make a change from the usual ‘XXX?’ or ‘be my Valentine’ in your usual cards… perhaps.

1. ‘I love that woman like a shark loves blood’ – Frank Underwood about his wife, Claire (episode one).


2. ‘Isn’t that MY toothbrush?’ – Christina Gallagher to her lover, Peter Russo (episode two).


Oh come on, we’ve all done it.

3. ‘Does this very expensive dinner at least buy me an evening of mind-blowing sexual congress?’ Peter to Christina (episode three).


Well, does it?

4. ‘I love you… we should say that to each other more often,’ Claire to Frank (episode six).


Sometimes the old ones are the best.

5. ‘I promise you’ll never be bored,’ apparently the words Frank used to win Claire’s hand in marriage (episode six).


6. ‘A great man once said that everything in life is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power,’ Frank to Zoe Barnes (episode 9).


7. ‘I chose.. a man who I could love for more than a week,’ Claire to Adam (episode 11).


Good advice.

8. ‘Right now it’s just you and me. The rest of the world doesn’t matter,’ Frank to Peter (episode 11).


Sounds nice, as long as you’re not familiar with the scene from which it’s taken.

9. ‘I probably love you – that’s the fucking problem,’ Lucas Goodwin to Zoe (episode 12).


Ok, maybe don’t use that one.

Happy Valentine’s / House Of Cards Day – hope you like my photos too.

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