Does anybody (other than the Scots) care if they stay or go?

Edinburgh Castle played a key role in the 13th-14th Century Wars of Scottish Independence (Picture: Yvette Caster)

The British are a funny lot. Since 1707 our pretty tiny island (94,060 square miles) has included Scotland.

Well, I say has. I mean, geographically it always has and always will.

But in terms of whether we’re a united tinie tiny island or a divided one, we’ve had 307 years of all rubbing along together.

On September 18 2014, Scottish residents will be voting on whether they want Scotland to remain part of the UK or form a new country.

And yet, among my non-Scottish friends, the response to this has been little more than ‘meh’.

I almost feel sorry for Scottish voters who are passionately for or against.

It’s as if a guy you’ve been casually dating for a few weeks dramatically shows up and announces he doesn’t love you, he’s met someone else and is eloping to Sweden next week, HA. And your response is ‘oh, ok.’

Britain is so diverse anyway that I don’t think anyone really gives a crap about how one bit of adjoined land mass is named or governed.

The general feeling is – ‘if it makes you happy, go for it, if it doesn’t, don’t’.

But should we care? If Scotland decides to go it alone it’s predicted the pound would suffer and we could have a weaker military presence.

Either way, they still won’t be shot of the Queen or her spawn – she’d be Queen of Scotland unless they then decide to become a republic.

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