That time I met Annie Lennox

Part fangirl, part journo (Picture: Yvette Caster)

I bloody love my job sometimes.

I sing with a local choir and, the other month, we did Walking On Broken Glass. I was lucky enough to get the solo.

I spent weeks watching the video on YouTube (fun fact – Hugh Laurie co-stars), listening to it on repeat on my iPhone, angrily mouthing the words at baffled commuters, getting home and working out what gestures I wanted to make, before singing miserably/violently at myself in the mirror.

When it came to performing it, I have no idea if it was any good, but I enjoyed it.

So I was over the moon on Monday (September 8) when I was offered the chance to go to a preview of Annie Lennox’s latest album, Nostalgia, which is out on October 27.

It was a journo’s dream – free bubbly, free food, fascinating conversation with a fellow journo from a Swedish national paper and, of course, meeting slebs.

You can read the piece I wrote for about Annie’s thoughts on modern life and finding happiness here.

I didn’t mention in the piece that she was talking ten to the dozen, which was a great test of my shorthand, or that she broke off in several places to sing the odd line. She didn’t sing me any Walking On Broken Glass, but I did get a bit of Sweet Dreams.

And, no, I didn’t give her my rendition. I value my job too much…

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