What is it about spiders anyway?

So, other than the Scotland thing, the news of the moment seems to be spiders.

There’s a spider app which makes you never want to look at your phone again helps you identify different types.

There’s some terrible awful abandoned house in Ireland overrun with spiders.

And now, apparently all our houses are going to be overrun by giant (well, ok, slightly bigger than average) spiders due to the mild weather.

I think my hatred of them was ingrained at an early age when, as a child, I was living in Australia and a local caught a redback in a jar to warn us what to keep away from.

Although, even without this, I think I’d still hate them.

It’s the way they lurk.

I wish I could think of all the different species as interesting as different types of butterflies.

But I can’t.

Still, at least I’ve moved from being paralysed with fear to just getting really angry with them and going off on a spider killing spree.

Thank goodness for hard-backed books.

Published by Yvette Caster

Acting Head Of Community Content. Tweet me @YvetteCaster

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