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Draco Malfoy is on Tinder and he’s been a very bad boy

Look, before you get Operation Yewtree involved, can I just point out that 1. Any Potter fan will tell you Draco’s now 34 and 2. He’s not real. Still, the fact that a man technically doesn’t exist wasn’t about to stop me from flirting in order to write a funny story¬†find love. It all happened […]

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Does anybody (other than the Scots) care if they stay or go?

The British are a funny lot. Since 1707 our pretty tiny island (94,060 square miles) has included Scotland. Well, I say has. I mean, geographically it always has and always will. But in terms of whether we’re a united tinie tiny island or a divided one, we’ve had 307 years of all rubbing along together. […]

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