What is it about spiders anyway?

So, other than the Scotland thing, the news of the moment seems to be spiders. There’s a spider app which makes you never want to look at your phone againĀ helps you identify different types. There’s some terrible awful abandoned house in Ireland overrun with spiders. And now, apparently all our houses are going to beContinue reading “What is it about spiders anyway?”

Does anybody (other than the Scots) care if they stay or go?

The British are a funny lot. Since 1707 our pretty tiny island (94,060 square miles) has included Scotland. Well, I say has. I mean, geographically it always has and always will. But in terms of whether we’re a united tinie tiny island or a divided one, we’ve had 307 years of all rubbing along together.Continue reading “Does anybody (other than the Scots) care if they stay or go?”

Leave Jennifer Lawrence alone!

Remember this? Feeling sorry for celebrities is generally about as ridiculous as this video but this week, when private photos of them were stolen and leaked onto 4chan, I felt pretty glad to be a nobody. Nude pics and videos of about 100 slebs, including Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, MaryContinue reading “Leave Jennifer Lawrence alone!”